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Welcome to Week Two!

It's week two of National Bike Month here at Westridge Outdoors. Last week we dove into some good ol' history for background on this time of year. This week, we're looking at stats.

Now before you completely skip over this section and head straight for our very new, very stylish shots of Critical Cycles' Beaumont - just remember that these aren't regular old statistics, these are BIKE statistics (AKA fun ones). Okay, onto the numbers! 

Since 1990, several major American cities have seen a triple digit increase in folks choosing to commute by bicycle. On top of that, double digit increases from 2000-2013 have been seen even in non-bicycle friendly communities. The Nation's Capital rides it home with a whopping 498% increase in two wheel commuters since 1990. Portland, OR saw a 408% increase in bike commuters, closely aligned population boom in the mid to late nineties and up through present day. Following close behind were Chicago, San Francisco, and perhaps most surprisingly, New Orleans! With each city, the largest overall increase in cyclists can be seen in 2013.**


**Data from Leauge of American Cyclists, 2015

This historical spike has a multitude of factors driving the increases. However, with eco-friendly practices, bike sharing, and people in larger cities opting to kiss their cars goodbye, it's really no surprise that cycling is in its second heyday. So, what can we gather from this data? City Bikes are having a "guess who's back and better than ever?" moment. 


The City Bike

This week, we're highlighting that ever-popular City Bike. These classic styles embody vintage style, classic flair, and durable builds all in an eye-catching, stylish package.

Critical Cycles' Beaumont City Bike has a step-thru frame and 7-speeds to guide you up hilly streets, narrow one-ways, and uneven pavement. This frame is not only dress and skirt friendly (yay!), but it's also virtually indestructible. DISCLAIMER: As stylish and durable as this baby is, it can't stand up to otherworldly forces, like Thor...or literally any of the Avengers. They could very likely destroy this frame (though we'd like to think that it would still be a challenging task).

But we digress (and highly recommend you see Avengers: Infinity War)

Beaumont's frame is made of high-tensile strength steel that's been tig-welded and hand-built for optimal performance. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning you can ride it however you darn well please. The 7-speed Shimano Rear derailleur and RevoShift grip shifter provide sublime transitions for an ultimate commuting machine. Beaumont also comes equipped with front and rear alloy brakes for quick response stopping and an overall safer ride. 



Beaumont comes in two styles and a multitude of colors. Opt for the low cross bar step-thru for a retro beach vibes, or steer toward the classic city bike frame. This style also sports 1960-style fenders, the same 7-speed Shimano Rear derailleur, and RevoShift grip shifter. The Beaumont City Bike comes in a variety of blacks and classic metal shades for a sleek, understated look.



Beaumont City Bike, 7-Speed Step-Thru - $219.99

Colors: Blush Pink, Black, Eggshell, Midnight Green, Turquoise, Black & White, Olive, Cream, Coral, Turquoise & White

Sizes: 38cm, 44cm

Beaumont City Bike, 7-Speed - $219.99

Colors: Matte Black, Graphite, Charcoal, Chrome, Black

Sizes: 50cm, 54cm, 58cm



The Venus step-thru city bike is the perfect traveling companion for any and all of your outings. Equipped with Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain, you can do just about anything on this bike. Ride home from work, from work to the market, from the market to your mom's, from your mom's to class (Jeez, you're really busy!), and back again.

The Shimano Altus drivetrain is the only choice when it comes to reliability, comfort, and ease of use. With a choice between one, three, or seven speeds, the Venus step-thru breezes over flat city streets, hilly campuses, and uneven trails. The frame is hand-built, tig-welded, and made from high-tensile strength steel for a durable and dependable ride.

The RevoShift grip shifter is integrated into the handlebars, allowing you to safely shift gears without sacrificing control of the handlebars. 


A complement to the Venus, Mars is nostalgia personified. This is about as retro as it gets without the wear and tear of old age. Mars is designed to be lightweight while still maintaining its heavy-duty diamond frame. The top-of-the-line Shimano drivetrain and RevoShift grip shifter make transitions from cruising to commuting a breeze.

Mars is lush with vintage-inspired elements including a chrome headlight, mid-century style bell, frame-matching fenders, and a polished rear rack. Cushiony grips and saddle make the ride more comfortable, while front and rear brakes make it safer. To top things off, Kenda commuter tires grip both pavement, dirt road, and wet streets for a faster, more controlled ride.

Retrospec Venus-7 Step-Thru Seven-Speed City Bike - $349.99

Retrospec Venus-3 Step-Thru Seven-Speed City Bike - $369.99

Retrospec Venus-1 Step-Thru Seven-Speed City Bike - $299.99

Colors: Millennial Pink, Taupe, Black, Coral, Mint

Sizes: 38cm, 44cm


Retrospec Mars-7 Diamond Seven-Speed City Bike - $349.99

Retrospec Mars-3 Diamond Three-Speed City Bike - $369.99

Retrospec Mars-1 Diamond Three-Speed City Bike - $299.99

Colors: Black, Midnight Blue

Sizes: 50cm, 54cm, 58cm


During National Bike Month at Westridge Outdoors, we'll be featuring weekly highlights on some of our favorite cycling-focused products. Stay tuned to your inbox, our social feeds, and the website for more updates!


Happy riding!