National Bike Month Featuring Specialty Bikes

One-size-fits-all isn't an option when it comes to bikes, and frankly, we're not interested in just one bike. Don't believe us? Why would we bother making the same exact bike over and over again? National Bike Month is still kicking, and we're in week four! This week we're featuring speciality bikes. These bikes aren't reserved for a specific style of rider, but they are equipped to align with a variety of needs.  

100 Years of Convenience

The rise of bicycle shares in larger cities has made biking around town a lot easier for those who otherwise would not have access to a bike. In cities where space is limited, having a bike can seem out of the question. Folding bikes have gained popularity for this exact reason. Initially, these compact designs were created in the early 20th century for use during WWI. These. Bikes. Were. Intense. They weighed in around 32lbs and could withstand being dropped with a parachute from an aircraft. The engineering behind the first folding bikes was impeccably tailored for war.  Some were even designed to hit the ground with the seat and handlebars first to reduce any potential damage to the wheels on impact. 

Folding bikes gained popularity again in the 1970s and 80s. This period of time narrowed in on the build of a folding bike as we see it today. Their compact design, simplicity, and portability make them a favorite among city dwellers. 


Critical Cycles Judd Folding Bike

Critical Cycles' Judd 1-Speed Folding Bike is a lightweight alternative to heavier versions on the market. Judd is perfect for riders who are big on convenience but low on space. Whether you're pedaling your way across campus, heading into the office, or packing up the van for a quick getaway, the convenience of this folding bike is unmatched.

Judd boasts a durable steel and chrome alloy frame. Judd is 30% lighter than competitors, making it easy to carry and a joy to ride. Because of its cruise-to-compact design, Judd can fit virtually anywhere indoors. This reduces the wear and tear that the outdoors can take on a bike and increase the longevity of your two-wheeled companion. 

Judd comes equipped with Kenda Kwest commuter tires. These babies have rounded tread and large water dispersion grooves, making them ideal for city street riding regardless of the forecast. Get from point A to point B faster with 20" wheels for faster acceleration and less pressure on your legs.

Judd 1-Speed Folding Bike - $219.99

Colors: Matte Graphite, Matte Black, Matte White, Matte Teal, Matte Sage Green, Matte Saffron

Sizes: One Size


Finding Balance

Speciality bikes cover more than just the adults in the room. When your tiny tot is ready to start riding, don't start them on a training wheels. Taking off training wheels can be a harrowing task with a lot of nasty falls and tears. Balance bikes allow kiddos to learn how to balance on two wheels without relying on additional support that won't be there on a real cycle. 

Balance bikes accelerate the timeframe of when your child can upgrade to the real deal. While the little one speeds the sidewalk showing off their new set of wheels, their feet naturally lift off the ground as the bike moves forward. Kids can typically start using a balance bike around 2 years old and move up to a traditional bike by age 4. 

The Cub Balance Bike is the perfect starting point to begin teaching your child a love for cycling. There is virtually no assembly or maintenance involved, and the tires are air-free - meaning they can't pop or deflate. The step-thru frame makes it easy for kids to hop on and off their new ride. The Cub is designed for kids aged 20 months to 5 years. Our bike adjusts to their height as they continue to grow in height and in comfort on The Cub.

Cub Balance Bike  - $59.99

Colors: Powder Blue, Lavender, Royal Blue & Black, Rose Blush Pink, Black & Silver, Orange & Teal

Sizes: One Size (recommended for 20 months - 5 years of age)