One of the Best Bicycles for Women

Where the women at? According to a survey completed by the National Sporting Goods Association, about 39.5 million people in the United States cycle, which is about 13% of the U.S. population. But a mere 29% of the cycling population is comprised of women. Why don’t we represent a bigger portion of cyclists? As I am of the female variety myself, I can see an assortment of reasons that would keep me off a bike and in the comfort of my car, my ripped-seated-air-conditioning-less car.

1 – It’s uncomfortable 2 – It’s dangerous 3 – It’s rigorous…err, maybe I’m lazy

Critical Cycles & Retrospec offer a solution to the first and second concerns with their Step-Thru City Bikes, which proves to be one of the best bikes for women available. (…I think I need to find a solution for the third.)

This Dutchie style accommodates our body proportions better because the distance between the handlebars to the seat post is a smidge smaller than that of other bikes. This city bike also permits an upright riding position as opposed to having to lean forward, which 1-makes riding in everyday clothes easier and 2-preserves your back. The actual structure of the frame of the bicycle is a step-thru, which was traditionally preferred by the cycling ladies of the 1800s to accommodate their attire. The 61.3º angle of the head tube (the top bar of the bike) allows for easy mounting and dismounting because there isn’t a high bar to avoid. This also prevents stretching of clothes when getting on and off the bike (and encourages the wearing of sundresses as there’s no awkward pole between your legs, lifting the skirt of the dress as you ride).


The brains behind the design of these bikes also incorporated a shorter and wider saddle that is more comfortable for women to ride. This seat style feels better on the sit bones, while thinner, longer saddles are generally intended for men.


The 700c size wheels are ideal for any kind of riding. Whether commuting in the city, exercising those legs, or taking a stroll under the moonlight along the boardwalk with your honey, these wheels provide a smooth ride from sunrise to sunset and then some.


Critical Cycles Seven-Speed Step-Thru City Bicycle



This Critical Cycles bike comes with grip twist shifters, which gives you the control you want. You can shift gears without removing your hands or loosening your grip, unlike thumb shifters and downtube shifters. These are much more convenient and comfortable.

Critical Cycles Seven-Speed Step-Thru City Bicycle Shifter
But wait…there’s more! 

Critical Cycles's step-through bicycle comes with a light, a bell, a rack, and fenders. These features not only extend the retro vibe of the bicycle, but also pacify safety and convenience concerns. The mid-century headlamp has two modes, steady and flashing, to choose from. Most bicycles sold around town and on the interwebs don’t offer these accessories within the sale of the bike.

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Women have a reputation for being shoppers. And some women have a reputation for being savvy shoppers (I’d like to put myself in this category). Regardless of whether or not you identify with either of the aforementioned stereotypes, everyone likes a good deal. Critical Cycles’s goal is to provide customers with the best bargain possible. We want our customers to be as happy as we are when cycling and we want you to feel like you made a sound investment. Critical Cycles & Retrospec can offer factory-direct prices because we remove the middleman. We design, manufacture, and distribute these babies so you can get out riding even if you are on a budget.