Weekender-Tour Inflatable Touring Standup Paddleboard


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  • Description
    • Weekender-Tour is our touring inflatable standup paddleboard. Its hydrodynamic body, with its pointed nose, carves through water quickly and efficiently. This is the board for intermediate to advanced high-speed riders looking to race through flat or choppy waters. The 12’ length and 30” width make long distance rides more comfortable and less taxing. The 6” thickness of the board improves stability and structure while the EVA textured foam deck pad prevents slipping and sliding. Though the design of Weekender-Tour is traditionally that of a racing board, mellower adventurers should feel just as comfortable hopping on this zippy board.


      The Details

      Weekender-Tour measures 12’ long by 30” wide and 6” thick. All of our inflatable standup paddleboards are made of military-grade PVC and constructed with drop-stitch technology. Our extremely high-quality assembly ensures a virtually indestructible board. When fully inflated, Weekender-Tour is just as thick, rigid, and stable as its traditional and inflatable paddleboard competitors. It has a handle in the middle of the top of the board to easily carry it around. It will also support up to 250lbs without bowing.

      When Weekender-Tour is deflated, roll it up and it’ll measure about 11” by 36.” Keep it securely wound up with the black nylon strap. Our iSUPs are designed for effortless storage and transportation, so venturing on any excursion is easy as pie.

      This board has 4 stainless steel D-rings and bungee cord containment area towards the nose for keeping loose items safe. It also has one stainless steel D-ring near the tail to attach a leash or to secure it to a boat or dock. Paddle your way through the water with the three-piece aluminum paddle that is strong, lightweight, and adjustable. When fully extended, it measures almost 9’ and when it is collapsed, it measures just under 3’, so transporting is always simple. This board comes with one nylon fin that improves tracking. This fin is also removable, so wrapping up your board is easy. You can pump Weekender-Tour up with our high-intensity manual pump via the industry standard H3 valve.


      The Whole Package

      We supply you with everything you’ll need to get started paddle boarding.

      • -Weekender-Tour is a virtually indestructible inflatable paddle board
      • -Diamond textured comfort foam deck pad for extra stability
      • -Three-piece lightweight and strong aluminum adjustable paddle
      • -One nylon removable fin
      • -A manual high-intensity air pump
      • -This board has a weight limit of 300lbs


    • Specifications
        • Materials and Manufacturing: Military-grade PVC, dropstitch technology, virtually indestructible
        • Valve: Standardized H3
        • Deck Pad: EVA textured foam
        • Inflated Dimensions: 12’x30”x6” / 11’x30”x6”
        • Weight of Board: 29 lbs
        • Deflated & Rolled Up Dimensions: 11x36”
        • Max PSI: 15
        • Recommended Weight Limit: 275lbs
        • D-Rings: 4 stainless steel rings near nose and 1 stainless steel ring near tail
        • Containment Area: Bungee cord connected through 4 stainless steel D-rings
        • Fins: 3 removable tracking fins
        • Paddle: 3 PC adjustable and lightweight aluminum with easy quick-release, extends to a little less than 9’ and collapses to about 3’ for easy transport
        • Pump: High-intensity manual air pump with gauge
        • Repair Kit: Includes valve wrench, and PVC patching for you board
    • Assembly & Sizing
      • View Globetrotter Paddleboard assembly instructions HERE

        View warranty information HERE

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