Concor Velo Saddle

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  • Description
    • Ride comfortably and/or quickly and/or vigorously on our Concor Velo Saddle. This classic velodrome track style saddle has firm cushioning that provides comfort as it supports you. Choose a black, brown, or white Concor saddle and install it on nearly any road bike, fixed-gear, single-speed, urban commuter, or mountain bike. It’s time to ride, whether leisure is in your heart or competitiveness is in your soul.

  • Specifications
      • Inspired by the classic "Concor" style saddle for velodrome cycling
      • Comfortable & cushioned saddle with padding for every day use
      • Fits all Retrospec bicycles and nearly all other bikes
      • Velo-Style bicycle seat for fixed-gear, single-speed, track bike, road bicycle and all kinds of bikes
      • Available in brown, black, and white

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