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  • Description
    • Designed for comfort, engineered to protect. This was the mission statement when creating Traverse H2 Ski/Snowboard Helmet and we are proud to say, we have accomplished both. H2 combines 14 purposely placed extra large vents into its sturdy ABS shell and EPS shock absorbent foam interior to provide the rider with phenomenal temperature regulation and top of the line safety. We have also incorporated plush removable ear pads that allow H2 to easily transform from Snow/Ski to a Bike/Skate helmet, along with a host of other features that place H2 helmet in a league of its own.

      Custom Fit:

      When it comes to protective headwear, the better the fit, the safer you are. This is why we have made our ErgoKnob Adjustable Dial essential to the design of H2 helmet. A simple one-handed twist of the dial, clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen, will contract and expand the plastic framework built into the helmet. Providing the wearer with a safe and secure fit as well as the confidence in knowing their helmet was designed with their well being in mind.


      Safety was our top priority when designing H2, but comfort was a close second. We have incorporated a host of features to ensure this helmet is as enjoyable to wear, as it is safe.

      Cold mountain conditions are no match for our padded earmuffs. Which are specifically designed to provide a high degree of comfort as well as safeguarding you from frigid winter temperatures. However, there is still plenty of riding to be done during the warmer spring months, which is why our padded earmuffs are easily removable. To do so, simply unsnap the ear pads from their restraints, undo the velcro surrounding the EroKnob Dial and remove the earmuffs. Doing so will allow an increased amount of cool air the to effortlessly flow through out the helmet.

      Next up is our genuine fleece netted cap that provides a soft layer of padding along the inner rim of the helmet to maximize comfort whether your hitting the bunny slopes or tackling the black diamond trails. The mesh material featured with our fleece netted cap assist in overall temperature regulation by providing excellent moisture wicking capabilities. Forcing stale air out and cool air in as you make your way down the mountain.

      H2 features a mini visor in the front of the helmet that, along with the reinforced goggle clip on the back, keep your goggles securely in place during your time on the mountain. The visor and clip also assist in seamlessly integrating H2 Helmet with any pair of snow goggles; but is particularly effective when paired with Retrospec’s Traverse G1 goggles.

      The adjustable chinstrap comes equipped with a layer of padding that is soft to the touch, preventing unwanted and uncomfortable chin chaffing.


      Proper ventilation is essential when it comes to regulating your body temperature during your day of riding. That is why we have designed H1 with six extra large vents at the top, six mini vents in front, and two in the back to promote maximum allow airflow throughout the helmet.

      Two additional layers have also been included between the top of the helmet and your head to improve strength and moisture evaporation. The first is our mesh wire layer that provides a high grade of structural reliability and protection. The second is our mesh cloth layer that transfers sweat from your head out of the vents where it is then evaporated.

      2 in 1 Helmet Conversion

      After spending hours on end creating the perfect helmet, do you really think we would only allow it to be used during the colder months of the year? Of course not! That is why we have designed the H1 helmet to easily convert from Ski/Snow to Bike/Skate. Ensuring year round protection long after the snow has melted. To convert the helmet, simply remove the earmuffs and netted cap and insert the set of interchangeable pads we have included. That’s it, that’s all!


      H1 helmet has undergone numerous tests to ensure its durability time and time again. In fact all Traverse helmets boast a certified ABS exterior and EPS Foam interior to provide you, the rider, with top of the line quality and protection. Retrospec's snow helmets have also received all of the helmet safety certifications including EN 1077:2007 for Ski Helmets and CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 for Bicycle Helmets.

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  • Specifications
      • 10 vents for ultimate temperature regulation
      • ABS shell exterior and firm, shock-absorbent EPS interior
      • Adjustable dial to customize fit
      • Removable plush earmuffs
      • Goggle clip to keep eyewear attached
  • Assembly & Sizing
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