Kenda Tire, 20-Inch x 1.75

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  • Description
    • You're not ready to ride until you've got a pair of Kenda Kwest tires underneath you. These 20" tires are the only choice when it comes to riding around on folding and recumbent bikes. With a 1.75" width, these tires can handle just about anything you throw at them. These tires are made of a lot of rubber, so they'll last you many, many rides. Kwests are very durable with more puncture protection than ever. The smooth rounded tread has large water dispersal grooves, which means you can ride more safely in rain or shine. These Kenda Kwests also have low rolling resistance, so you'll be able to ride even faster. Grab a set of these long-lasting, hardwearing tires today. (This comes as a single tire. You'll need to order two for a set).

  • Specifications
      • Smooth tread with large water dispersal grooves for riding in rain or shine
      • Long-lasting & hardwearing: Extra puncture resistant, extra durable
      • Low rolling resistance, which means increased acceleration
      • Available in black, cream, red and blue
      • Kenda Kwest 20"x1.75

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