Retrospec x Ride It Baby
Bikes: E-Bike Rebate

Retrospec x Ride It Baby Bikes

Between the recent launch of our e-Bike "Rev" collection and the start of summer, we have a lot to celebrate. That's why we've teamed up with Ride It Baby Bikes to bring you something special this season.

The Offer

When you rent an e-bike at Ride It Baby Bikes, we will rebate your rental fee with the purchase of an e-bike

How it works...



Rent a Jax Rev e-bike at Ride it Baby Bikes for 1 hour, 2 hours or all day ($40-$80)

2009 Bay St Santa Monica, CA 90405



Purchase your own Retrospec Rev e-bike within 30 days of your rental



Upload your Ride It Baby Bikes rental receipt and input your Retrospec e-Bike order number to the form field below and we will refund your rental fee