Traverse 2-in-1 Ski & Bike Helmet 2016

Snow - Helmet

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  • Description
    • Shred the slopes and travel over trails with our 2-in-1 ski / bike helmet. This is the helmet that makes all the other helmets shake in their booties. Can you blame them? After all, ambidexterity is its middle name.

      At a glance

      • Strong, unyielding ABS shell exterior and firm, shock-absorbent EPS interior
      • Mini visor and goggle clip to keep eyewear attached
      • 14 vents for ultimate temperature regulation
      • Adjustable dial to customize fit
      • Removable padded chin strap to reduce chin scraping
      • Removable plush earmuffs for warmth and protection, with pocket for storing headphones
      • Removable genuine fleece netted cap
      • Replaceable foam pieces to transform into bike helmet
      • Weight: 20 oz / 567g



      We’ve designed this helmet for ultimate body temperature regulation. With six vents on top, six mini vents on the front, and 2 vents on the back, you’re about to be all kinds of ventilated. The structure of the helmet promotes maximum airflow, allowing you to stay dry and warm without feeling damp and stuffy.

      There are two additional layers between the top of the helmet and your head. A mesh wire provides more structural reliability while the mesh cloth transfers sweat from your head through the vents to be evaporated. 


      Comfort was one of the most critical features we took into consideration when designing this helmet (second only to safety!). From top to bottom, this helmet is made for you.

      The padded earmuffs keep your ears warm and protected. They are easily removed (so you can wash them however infrequently you like) and they are easily reinstalled. These earmuffs also have a zippered pocket to stow mini speakers or headphones.

      We’ve equipped our helmet with a clip you can clip and unclip with one hand. The soft chin padding that wraps around the nylon strap prevents chafing as you ride.

      The genuine fleece netted cap has soft padding along the inner rim of the helmet. The mesh material is ideal for wicking away moisture and regulating your temperature. It allows easy airflow throughout the entire helmet.

      There is a mini visor on the front of the helmet when you want to take off your goggles briefly. Push your protective eyewear up onto the helmet and it’ll stay put.

      A goggle clip is conveniently placed on the back of the helmet. The hard plastic clip is reinforced to put you at ease when you push your goggles off entirely. You can’t lose your goggles if they’re attached to you!

      The interchangeable extra pads for the bike helmet are just as comfortable as the ski accessories. When you’ve removed the earmuffs, you’ll find that your ears don’t get crushed by single straps. Rather, there are two angled straps attached to the helmet coming towards each other to create an open space for your ears. The double strap design also distributes weight more evenly for a more comfortable fit.

      Custom Fit

      Like we said, this helmet was made for you. The adjustable dial on the framework at the back of the helmet makes fine-tuning its fit to your head very easy. Twist it clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen. You’ll notice the plastic framework contracting and releasing as you do so.

      You can also make the chin strap more snug by shortening or lengthening its length.

      It's a bike helmet, too!

      We really weren’t kidding. This is a game-changing helmet. When the snow has melted and the sun is shining, convert this ski helmet into a bike helmet in a matter of seconds. The earmuffs and netted cap remove entirely. All you need to do is unclip the strap, unsnap the earmuffs, pull them out, and then pull out the fleece netted cap.

      We include extra foam pieces to convert it into a bike helmet that fits comfortably and in all the right places. The plastic framework on the back of the helmet provides easy fit tailoring and extra protection while you’re cycling.

      Safety comes first

      We know a lot goes into choosing the right helmet. Safety is our #1 priority. Our helmets undergo extensive tests and have received all of the safety certifications (Passed EN 1077:2007 for Ski Helmets; Passed CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 for Bicycle Helmets).

      Traverse helmets are fully formed and rigid with certified ABS exterior and EPS interior. Some people may say they have your back, but we have your head.

    • Specifications
        • ABS shell exterior and firm, shock-absorbent EPS interior
        • Adjustable dial to customize fit
        • Removable plush earmuffs
        • Goggle clip to keep eyewear attached
    • Assembly & Sizing
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