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Joey Ruocco is the coolest. Seriously. This avid traveler, outdoor lover, and menswear extraordinaire has his finger on the pulse of all things up-and-coming in NYC. Take a peek into his world of travel, perfect Sundays, and where he goes when New York feels a little too chaotic.

R: Describe yourself, where you're from, and what you do

JR: My name is Joey! I am a menswear fashion and lifestyle influencer from New York City and I also work full time at Macy’s as a Merchandise Planner.  I love traveling and exploring my city when I am home. I am always seeking new interesting places and things related to food, fashion, fitness, and culture!

R: Where are your favorite places to bike to or around in your neighborhood? (i.e. great coffee shop nearby, cool shops, nice scenery, etc.)

JR: I often bike around my girlfriend’s neighborhood of Williamsburg. We love riding over to Greenpoint because it is a bit quieter and less crowded. Some of our favorite parks in the area include Transmitter Park, the newly opened Domino Park and of course McCarren Park. Some of my favorite coffee shops include Devocion, Variety, Bakeri, and Homecoming.

R: We’d argue that the best memories are made while adventuring outside. Is there a certain outdoor experience that stands out as the greatest memory for you?

JR: I totally agree with that argument! I recently took a trip up to Minnewaska State Park and swam in the lake which was such a quintessential summer memory.  When in the city I love to get together with friends and have a picnic in Central Park after work. My all-time favorite outdoor memory has to be a road-trip I took last year from Las Vegas to Denver and spent a lot of time in the Utah and Arizona National Parks – truly are some breathtaking places! 

R: How did you first get into fashion?

JR: I developed the love for fashion and styling outfits in high school. Being from New York, I was always exposed to so many different types of styles and found it interesting to try and take a piece of them all and make them into my own. I also studied for a semester in Florence, Italy which has a rich history of menswear. During this time I really began to take my interest and curiosity and apply it to my career and personal aspirations.

R: If you were able to choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be and why?

JR: My friends and I always debate this and it is such a difficult answer. Of course, New York is home and to me on a level of its own in comparison to other cities. But having lived here my whole life I do yearn for a change of scenery, and I think that ultimately I would love to live in Italy for a few years in the future.

R: What’s your go-to spot when you need to dodge the intensity of the city?

JR: If I only have a few hours, it would definitely be a small park at the end of Grand St or the rocks at East River Park. It’s quite serene at night and peaceful watching the waves crashing with the city skyline in the background. If I have a few days – I will definitely make some time to head up to the Catskill Mountains and get some headspace.

R: Describe your perfect Sunday.

JR: Waking up in the mountains during a weekend away from the city with my girlfriend. Early morning coffee in bed as the outside world starts to come to life. Slowly getting out of bed to make breakfast together. After breakfast, we could make our way to a nearby trail that preferably leads to a lake. We would get there earlier than the big crowds in order to have a quiet swim and maybe some fruit on the shore. Then we would go to a farmer’s market on the way back to pick up some snacks for lunch on our porch overlooking the mountain views as we listen to music and play games. Time is not a factor during this day as we do everything at a leisurely pace. Once the sun sets, we start a fire and roast marshmallows and talk about life and all we are so lucky to have.

R: How do you take your coffee?

JR: This is a complex question and depends on the season and my location. In New York, during the summer I will drink Cold Brew because it is too hot for hot coffee. In the winter I drink an almond milk latte. If I am traveling I always abide by local coffee rules. So for example when I am in Italy, it is cappuccino before 10 AM, and an espresso any time after. I think adhering to local coffee rules is essential as a traveler because each culture takes great pride in their way of drinking the world renowned drink!

R: What are 5 things you can't live without right now?

JR: My iPhone, my Fujifilm X-t100, my checkered Vans, my Harper, and my Rains backpack! 

Get to know Joey more by checking out his blog for all things style, food, travel, and more.


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