4 Father's Day Gifts for Dad's Inner Adrenaline Junkie


Calling all those with cool dads! 


 Wow, okay...well then… Even if you don’t think your dad can hang, we do. Dad has helped you out of some pretty hairy situations, and that means a little more than a vest from the sale section of L.L. Bean, right? Set aside the boxed Macy’s “silk” tie set and one-time-use high-tech gadgetry (he won’t use it) for something that will get your dad outdoors this Father’s Day. We’ve compiled the top 4 gifts for dope dads to save you from that last-minute ditch to Target. All you have to bring is a card. Steer Dad toward Critical’s latest offering in city-dwelling transportation. The Beaumont 7-Speed City Bike with diamond frame. He’ll love this classic retro style, reliable brakes, lightweight frame, and versatile 7 speeds. Extra robust 700x35C Kenda tires help disperse water on slick days and improved shock absorption on uneven pavement.

If Dad still digs the vintage look but is looking for a little less maintenance, our Harper will do the trick. Harper combines classic fixie features and impressive components to create an all-around great bike. Harper is a two-in-one ride. Easily switch from single-speed to riding fixed with its flip-flop hub. Riser handlebars improve posture while you ride, and reduces strain on your back. Whether or not your dad wants to admit it, that’s a huge bonus.

Just because he was always telling you to slow down doesn't mean that he wants to. The DROP is Ten Toes' board that was intuitively built for speed. Longboard devotees for life and newbies can appreciate the DROP's unique build, symmetrical drop-through shape, and unsurpassed stability. The DROP has a distinguishable vintage look with modern charm. Dad can release his inner speed demon, and you can feel embarrassed that we used that term to refer to your dad. 

Ten Toes DROP 41” Drop Down Longboard  -  $69.99
Colors: Aqua, Black
Sizes: One Size

Go big or go home, right? Help your dad tap into his inner adrenaline junkie ways with a  Ten Toes Weekender iSUP. Our inflatable stand-up paddle boards are as versatile and convenient as they are fun. 10 feet of military grade PVC secured with  dropstitch technology make for one hell of a ride. Space is a non-issue with the Weekender. Once deflated and rolled, the board measures in at only 11”x36” for  simple stowaway. Dad can hop on the water, coast over rocky rivers, cruise on calm lakes, and cut through tough waves like a dream. The Weekender’s size and shape make it stable and easy to balance on. It’s simple to get started, and easy to get hooked.

Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)  -  $499.99
Colors: Marine, Black & Red
Sizes: One Size