Creative, Jack-of-all-Trades, Fashion-Focused, Entrepreneur Kwaku Agyemang | Retrospec Community Series

There’s an indescribable familiarity to Kwaku Agyemang’s style. A seamless balance of incredibly dapper looks and classic approachability.

Kwaku dresses with intention and lives his life through the lens of quality design. His co-founded company, BrownMill, an eco-friendly high-fashion brand based out of New Jersey, clearly embodies that same conscientious, intentional, and classic style.

Kwaku’s 9-5 is more like 24/7. Outside of managing BrownMill, he is a current senior at Rutgers Business School studying Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship. To top it all off, after graduation he’ll be working in the Financial Technology sector on Wall Street while maintaining his position at his co-founded brand.

Color us impressed. Get to know more about this insanely talented, endlessly creative Ghanian bred, American raised Beaumont riding entrepreneur.

R: You have a classic, edgy, but contemporary style. What first got you started in fashion? 

My mom actually got me started in fashion. She is an extremely fashionable lady and is known around our community for her kente cloth collection. Growing up in a small village in Ghana she always had to work with what she had fashion-wise. She is the Queen of making “something out of nothing” and it reflects on her fashion sense. She taught herself how to sew at an early age so she can constantly repurpose clothes she grew out of. 

R: We’d argue that the best memories are made while adventuring outside. Is there a certain outdoor experience that stands out as the greatest memory to you? 

KA: One of my greatest memories of traveling outside was a bike ride I took through the streets of Old Montreal in Canada. The route was scenic, the air was fresh, and the people were super friendly.

R: We see that BrownMill incorporates waste reduction and sustainability into their fashion. Since working for them, have you changed any habits when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint? What would you recommend to someone who is looking to decrease their own but doesn’t know where to begin?

KA: Being a part of an environmentally focused has definitely made me more conscious of my carbon footprint. The biggest change I made to my lifestyle was purchasing a Retrospec bike so I didn't have to rely on a car as much. For someone looking to decrease, I [would suggest]: Mind their shopping habits (overconsumption leads to waste) If possible, bike or walk instead of driving Reusable water bottles! 

R: Where would you recommend someone bike to in your neighborhood? Any specific coffee shops, stores, restaurants, or bike paths you’d suggest?

KA: Start off on Livingston Campus at Rutgers University, bike all the way to Johnson Park on Busch Campus, take the Bike Route to College Ave. 

R: Many people are backing away from Instagram citing burnout, anxiety, or just generally tired of feeling the need to compare themselves to others on the app. Do you feel the need to separate yourself from social media? What do you do to combat burnout?

KA: Working out, going for a bike ride, or just reading a good book are ways I combat burnout.

R: What’s one of your greatest accomplishments so far this year?

KA: My greatest accomplishment from 2019 was opening the BrownMill headquarter/production center in Livingston New Jersey. This is a company I have been a part of since 2012 so this was a great milestone for me. 

R: How do you take your coffee? 

Not much of a coffee drinker. I prefer green tea.

R: Best pizza in your city? 

Krispy Pizza on the Rutger’s College Ave campus

Follow Kwaku and BrownMill on Instagram for more style, inspiration, and more.

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