Posted on by Ely Alexander


In 2009, we launched the Retrospec Alpha fixed-gear. Our motto then was "ride simply, simply ride".  As we enter a new decade for Retrospec, we're excited to announce that all our adventures, hobbies, and gear will be joined under our original, heritage name.

At the beginning of all this, I was in college slinging bikes out of the back of my van. That was the reality of Retrospec nearly a decade ago, and as we barrel toward the end of 2018, we’re approaching a new and significant axis in our timeline. Over the years, our team has grown alongside our offerings. With added depth from hard lessons learned, industry knowledge, our commitment to never settling, and the valuable relationships built along the way, we’re confidently entering a new era to expand upon our mission to get folks outside. Consider this a reintroduction to Retrospec. Bikes are what began this journey, but our adventures are now combined into one streamlined shop for unconventional experiences.

Over the next year, we look forward to incorporating all of our paddle, snow, and skate products under unified branding. We started with fixies, but Retrospec’s near future involves all terrains. Our catalog will grow alongside the seasons for even more ways to experience the outdoors.

At Retrospec, we challenge ourselves to push life outside our comfort zones. We extend our thanks to dealers who have done the same by reaching beyond bikes and choosing to carry products that encompass all corners of the earth. We invite others to do the same as we too embrace something new. We are thrilled to announce this transition and look to the future for Retrospec’s continued growth.


Ely Alexander

Founder & CEO