5 Gifts for the Adventurous Mama

Mom might say she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day, but we all know that isn’t true. We’re willing to bet that outside of the traditional bouquet of flowers and breakfast in bed, Mom might be looking for something a bit more out-of-the-box...maybe even out-of-the-Westridge-box (get it?)

We’ve saved you the stress of finding the “perfect Mother’s Day” gift this year with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide *cue fanfare.* Flowers and chocolates are optional, we’ll handle the rest.


We promise we won't stick with pinks and pastels the whole time - but the Beaumont from Critical Cycles in blush pink sure is a looker. Mom will be cruising down the coast, drift down side streets, or commute in style with this city-dwelling cycle.


Practicality and style are at the center of the Retrospec Gingham Picnic Basket. Mom can throw her purse, keys, groceries, puppy(?), and anything else she needs while she's cruising around. This hand-woven basket is made from all-natural materials and attached to Mom's bike with two genuine leather straps and on-trend brass buckles. It's durable, classic, stylish, and under $30.


Mom always had you wear a helmet, it's time to return the favor with a helmet ideal for both the weekend traveler or serious cyclist. The CM-1 Commuter Helmet comes in three different sizes and seven colors for a safe and stylish fit.


Mix it up for the adventurous mama with a Ten Toes ZED Longboard. ZED is made from sustainable bamboo and other durable natural materials. This beauty has top notch cruising capabilities meaning it rides just as smooth as it looks.

Introducing Mom's favorite. Gift. Ever.


The Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard is hours of fun packed into a compact, easy to carry backpack. The Weekender is equipped with its own pump, so an adventure is never out of reach. Mom can even up her yoga-game and use the Weekender for some on-the-water poses. The Weekender is durable, easy to carry, and extremely transportable. With seven different color variations, it's easy to find one that's ideal for mom.

Happy Mother's Day!