Introducing, Omega - Retrospec's 10 Year Anniversary Bike

Inspired by his grandfather’s love of the outdoors,

Ely Khakshouri launched Retrospec in 2009 while a Sophomore at USC. Fixies had gained extensive popularity but were extremely expensive, despite their gritty, handmade appearance. In the early 2000s, many fixies were built by cobbling together a litany of salvaged, brightly colored parts to create a custom, unique style. It was Ely’s goal to recreate that look, feel, and style in an affordable way; namely on a college kid’s budget. Ely sourced manufacturers and materials on his own, while still attending school full time. 

Retrospec was conceived with the purpose of creating products that ignite a passion for fresh air, and nurture a lung burning, chest pounding euphoria Ely experienced outdoors as a child alongside his grandfather. Retrospec continues to fuel consumers’ love for nature with affordable, quality gear for all seasons. Over the last decade, Retrospec has grown exponentially to serve consumers of all ages, ignite their passion for fresh air, and fuel their love of nature.

Introducing, Omega.

Omega’s arresting, contemporary design is commemorative of 10 years worth of Retrospec’s thoughtful creations for adventuring in every season. The bike’s striking lines pay homage 20th-century Bauhaus design and embody the simplicity of single-speed riding. All of that is captured in Omega’s sleek, intentional, modern form.

Retrospec's early roots in DTLA's urban fixed-gear cycling scene led to a decade worth of challenging the status quo, innovative designs, and an astute understanding of the ever-changing cycling landscape.

“In 2009, our Alpha fixed-gear/single-speed bike was Retrospec’s first introduction to the streets of Los Angeles,” Ely Khakshouri, founder and CEO noted, “the gritty minimalism and European influence of our fixed-gear pioneer established Retrospec’s now decade-long status of quality, inventive designs, and commitment to a ‘no-barrier’ entry to nature.”