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Paige’s conscious and intentional approach to life is enough to encourage anyone to take pause and reevaluate their own for the better.

She and her husband (and new adorable pup Turnip) made the move to Portland, Maine last fall. Sunlit scenes, vintage textiles, worldly travels, and to-die-for fare are just a few things Paige reveals of her tiny family and their recent transition to New England life.

Paige is a lifestyle blogger, reader, dreamer, aesthete, and barista. Creativity flows through everything she does. Her Instagram showcases a lifestyle rooted in coastal light, slow mornings, and thoughtful design. Paige defines herself as a morning person, and rightly so - especially with the early starts of she and her husband. A typical Sunday morning consists of Ryan, a chef by trade, cooking soft scrambled eggs with roasted mushrooms and tomatoes topped with arugula atop a thick slice of fresh sourdough. “All about that savory morning spread.” Paige says, “I usually make the coffee while he cooks - it’s a perfect balance.”

We got to know Paige’s life a little more. From her draw to the New England climate and way of life, to her future travels, to her uncovering of new bike-ready places nearby in Portland.

R: Your style is both nostalgic and refreshing. Where do you draw inspiration from?

PA: Thank you! Gosh, inspiration is sort of everywhere these days. I feel like thrift stores and vintage shopping does draw a lot of nostalgic inspiration for me - I really love simple classic 70’s pieces. I’d say both the modern and contemporary art movements inspire me to bring a lot of color use into my wardrobe. 

R: Any big plans for 2019?

PA: My husband, Ryan, and I are getting a puppy this Spring / Summer!* Also [we have a trip planned] to Dublin & London in the fall for the first time. I can't wait.

*update, very cute puppy Turnip has joined the mix!

R: We'd argue that the best memories are made while adventuring outside. Is there a certain outdoor experience that stands out as the greatest memory to you?

PA: Absolutely. A few years ago, Ryan and I actually spent the summer living and working in Yosemite National Park. all those months hiking, biking, swimming in the's all just a giant beautiful memory that I'll carry with me forever.

R: Where or when do you feel most creative?

PA: My wardrobe has always been my greatest form of self-expression. I think for a while, I didn't know that [fact about myself] and wasn't confident in my choices, thinking I didn't "know" enough. Whether I'm styling, thrifting, setting a still life, re-decorating our apartment, sometimes it seems small while explaining it, but honestly, it feels like an extension of myself. I feel proud when I've created a tiny corner in a room that stands out, seeing beauty in something simple. 

R: Where would you recommend someone bike to in your neighborhood? Any specific coffee shops, stores, restaurants, or paths you'd suggest?

PA: Since we just moved here last September, I'm looking forward to finding more of my favorite destinations in Portland. Definitely down the Eastern Promenade route, which is right beside the water in the gorgeous neighborhood of Munjoy Hill as well as a given, Tandem Coffee Roasters for a pastry and iced coffee.

R: What is your favorite way to get out and experience the outdoors?

PA: Hiking and biking. I love the payoff of both of these activities. They're so interactive and allow me to stay in the moment, absorbing everything around me. 

R: Describe your perfect weekend

PA: Wake up early, make breakfast, grab a coffee on a walk, spend the day by the water with a picnic and a book, take a lil' nap, meet up with friends in the evening. The ultimate goal is spending over half the day outside and smelling like the ocean!

R: How do you strike a balance between daily life and Instagram? Many users and influencers feel pressured by social media and choose to take breaks or even leave it entirely. With that in mind, what do you do to combat burnout?

PA: Yeah, it's sort of exhausting, but it's also not my full time gig. For me, it's my hobby! So, I'll never pretend to be having a good day if I'm not, or like something I don't. I don't mind taking four days off of not engaging if there's nothing going on. I think it's silly to force feed that everyone's got it together all the time, because we know it's not true! It's just not worth feeling exhausted over. 

R: Favorite road trip song?

PA: How can I even answer this easily!!!??? 'Thinking of a Place' by The War on Drugs

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