Slow Living, Content Creating, All-Around California Girl Tarah Kreutziger | Retrospec Community Series

Getting to know 23-year-old Tarah Kreutziger feels a lot like meeting Joni Mitchell during an eternal golden hour alongside freshly brewed coffee.

Sound idyllic? That’s not surprising. Tarah effortlessly combines an authentic love for the natural world with an ethereal grasp of aesthetics.

A marketer and content creator by trade, Tarah’s distinct style is undeniably Californian. She elegantly balances an awareness of social media’s capricious demands with a genuine embrace of slowness and nature. Her morning routine begins with that same level of slowness found during soft sunrise or evening paddle on a smooth lake. Creativity is nourished by allowing ourselves to slow down, a simple request that feels more like a luxury, nowadays. Slowly sipping on black coffee, Tarah begins her mornings with intention.

“Typically in the morning, [I have] a cup of coffee,” (Canyon Coffee’s Limu Kosa Ethiopian is her go-to), “before my day has been infiltrated with media.” Tarah is able to fuel her creativity bug with prolonged periods of time spent in nature or traveling, a clear and consistent theme seen in the content she creates.

“In essence,” she says, “I strive to have inner stability and ‘peace of mind’ at all times— with myself and others. People in my life have told me that I am highly receptive, self-assured, creative, and empathetic.”

We wanted to get to know Tarah a little more. From her effortless Californian style and obvious appreciation and connection with nature, her goals, advice, and of course, where she’s off to next on her Beaumont.

R: You have such an approachable, but elevated style. Where do you draw inspiration from?

TK: Thank you! I love California style in that it can be fairly beachy and laid back at (almost) all times of the year, but I think I am most heavily inspired by 70s fashion. I have a few pairs of high-waisted sailor jeans on rotation, a stack of soft tees, fluttery vintage blouses, and I typically walk out the door in a pair of leather booties or greek slides. I thrift most of my clothing, but when I do feel like treating myself, I try to buy only from small or local brands who have a meaningful and sustainable story behind their company and clothing. A few brands that first come to mind are LACAUSA, DOEN, and Christy Dawn.

R: Go-to weeknight dinner recipe?

TK: Baked salmon (my favorite recipe is from this Simple Fare Fall/Winter cookbook), a medley of roasted vegetables, and some type of grain or starch, like purple potatoes, or a slice of freshly baked sourdough bread with butter.

R: Do you have any big goals this year?

TK: I always try to set goals for myself, but lately, I have been in the mindset of being content with where I am at, right now. I can easily fall into the mindset of wanting to do better, make more, do more— but I have realized that this frame of mind all the time can be very constricting and often leaves me feeling drained and discouraged. My daily “goal,” I would say, is to go to bed at night feeling like I made forward movements in my day toward who I aim to become. Whether those were big leaps or tiny steps, it’s still forward and that’s all that matters.

R: How do you typically like to spend time on your bike? Are there any great coffee shops, restaurants, stores, etc. in your neighborhood you like to bike to?

TK: Unfortunately, I don’t live within biking distance to my favorite coffee spots, but I do enjoy bringing my bike to downtown Orange to cruise at golden hour, grab a smoothie, or pick citrus and forage around the cute neighborhoods for wildflowers.

R: Describe your perfect weekend.

TK: Waking to the light of the sun, making my morning pour over, reading or writing a bit, going on a long hike or doing yoga, hitting a few thrift stores around town, and ending the night in the kitchen making a delicious dinner with my man and a glass of red wine.

R: We’d argue that the best memories are made while adventuring outside. Is there a certain outdoor experience that stands out as the greatest memory to you?

TK: My trips to National Parks definitely tend to stick closest with me when I think about outdoor adventures. Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Joshua Tree are among some of my favorites. There was a camping trip that I went on in Yosemite a few years back that is still so vivid in my mind because of how breathtaking the views were. I will never forget how clear the night sky was and the dome of a million stars above. I also went to Yellowstone National Park with my family last September, where we had the chance to swim in a naturally-fed hot spring. It was a surreal trip and I look forward to the day that I get to return.

R: Recently, many Instagram users and influencers have taken periodic breaks if not have left the app entirely. Social media has a ton of benefits, but it can also be very stressful for some. Have you experienced burnout from social media? If so, what do you do to combat it? How do you balance social media with your everyday life?

TK: My relationship with Instagram has evolved quite a bit over the years. I have made wonderful connections, shot exciting projects, and traveled to amazing places because of it. However, I have come to realize that Instagram is a breeding ground for comparison, and that is something that I have had to work on over time. Instagram is simply a highlight reel. Everyone has good and bad days, and no one has it all figured out. Only when I internalized this truth was it possible for me to let go and live free from the burden of comparison and be more present in my own unique and beautiful life. What has also worked for me is taking periodic breaks from social media— to be present, re-center my priorities, and gain perspective on what truly matters. 

R: Sometimes enjoying and experiencing nature is made out to feel inaccessible. What advice would you have for someone who wants to experience the outdoors but doesn't know where to begin?

TK: I think the beauty of nature is that it is everywhere around us, even if you don’t think it is. Even in major cities, there are natural phenomena waiting to be noticed— the trees arching over the streets, blossoms peeking through the sidewalk cracks, fresh morning air— it is all just waiting to be adorned by those who take the time to pay attention. You don’t have to set out to the open country to experience the beauty of nature and the outdoors. Something as simple as a walk outside can awaken the senses to how beautiful just being outside can truly be.

For more of Tarah, follow her on Instagram.

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