The Battle of Commuters: Fixie vs. Hybrids


Did you know biking to work has increased 60% in the past decade? Don't believe us? Just read the report posted by USA TODAY back in 2014. This means that roughly 786,000 people are using there bikes to commute to and from work each day! By commuting via bicycle, riders are saving money on gas and cutting back on the stress that comes with waiting in rush hour traffic. To be honest, we think it's great! What better way to clear your head in the morning and decompress after the work day then with a bike ride?

With the staggering increase of bike commuters it is essential to know which type of bicycle fits your commute best. This is where Critical Cycles is here to help with our Fixie vs Hybrid commuter comparison.


A Fixie, or "Fixed Gear", bicycle is a great way to get around and get a great work out at the same time. The fixed gear means that you don't ever stop peddling. However, our Fixies, like our Harper Single-Speed / Fixie model, come with a Flip-Flop Hub that easily allows you to change to Single-Speed, which allows for coasting with out peddling, based off your riding preference. The key thing to consider before purchasing a Fixie for your daily commute is what type of terrain and distance you will be covering on the way to work. If you have, say, a San Francisco hills type of commute you may be getting a good work out but you won't be able to make it to work without breaking a pretty intense sweat. However, if your commute consist of slight inclines and flat terrain you will have no problem getting back and forth. 

You can view our selection of Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed bicycles HERE


Hybrid bikes on the other hand, although offered in single-speed, usually are accompanied with additional gears for you to transition to while dealing with more taxing terrain. Our Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond City Bike for example is accompanied with seven gears for you to easily adjust according to the types of inclines you will be traversing on your way to work. This makes any hill an easy task, while keeping you fresh for the work day. Not only does this make inclines an easy task, but it also helps commuters that may find themselves riding 5+ miles a day able to easily tackle the distance by being able to down shift to an easy and enjoyable ride when needed. Unlike our Fixied-Gear / Single-Speed models that often provide the rider with a challenge when traversing steep terrain, our Hybrid / City Bikes work with the rider by allowing more gears that lead to an easier ride to and from work.

You can view our selection of Hybrid / City Bikes bicycles HERE


When picking the perfect commuter bike be sure to factor in your experience level and the type of ground you will be covering. If you are a novice looking to enjoy the ride you may want to lean towards our Hybrids. If you have been riding for awhile and are looking for a challenge on the way to work, look no further then our Fixies. But ultimately the choice is up to you! 

Still have questions about what bike fits your commute best? Feel free to leave a comment and we'll make sure we can find the right bike for you!