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There are few places in the world that feature such an extreme variance in landscape than the Southwest. Within miles the view can transition from bright orange mountains, to canyons, to sprawling deserts, to hidden lakes.  


Take in the views of the Southwest United States with long, stunning hikes, squeeze your way through the famous Antelope Canyon on the border of Utah and Arizona, and explore the surrounding areas. Just because it’s the desert doesn’t mean it's devoid of all water. There are plenty of areas throughout the Southwest that are ideal for both newcomers and avid paddleboarders.

Bartlett Lake is an hour and 15 minute drive outside of Phoenix, AZ. The small, mountainous lake is within Tonto National Forest. Bartlett is a great place to start paddleboarding if you're unfamiliar with the sport. There are multiple organizations near and on the lake that provide year 'round lessons for those just starting out. The minimal waves make for a glassy paddle. Paddlers can focus more on the desert mountains and nature from Tonto that surrounds Bartlett lake, and worry less about difficult paddling conditions. If you're heading out with your own boards, Bartlett Dam Road, north of Bartlett Lake Marina, leads directly to a parking lot and nearby launch point where you can easily get started on your Southwestern paddling adventure.


Las Vegas doesn't exude a lot of natural wonder in its reputation, but the area is valued in the Southwest for more than just winning big (trust us on this one). Lake Mead is only a 45 minute drive outside of downtown Las Vegas and equipped with some of the best paddleboarding in the Southwest. The lake is a desert oasis surrounded by mountains and filled with tons of areas to launch your board and get going. Government Wash provides one of the best areas on Lake Mead to launch your boards. A dirt road leads directly to the shoreline and there are plenty of areas to leave the car while you explore the Las Vegas Bay and the lake. 

The Colorado River transitions and moves its way through multiple bodies of water throughout the Southwest. Besides Lake Mead, Lake Mohave is another Colorado River fueled body of water roughly an hour and 15 minutes south of Vegas. The desert engulfs this gem of a lake. Paddleboarding at sunset is highly recommended on Lake Mohave. The colorful hues of a desert sunset tied with the joy of paddling is not something to pass up. 

Launch your board near Cottonwood Cove and camp the night away. There are multiple areas surrounding Lake Mohave for excellent camping/paddleboarding opportunities. Don't forget the sunscreen!


Whether you've been paddling for years or looking to kick off the summer with a new hobby, we've got what you need to get you there.


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the NANO was designed with smaller humans (i.e. smaller adults) in mind and is generally more simple to maneuver than longer boards.