The Best Places to Paddleboard Near Washington D.C.


The Chesapeake Bay Area is filled with amazing, historic, and educational activities. But hey, if you’re living in this region, especially smack dab in D.C., you’re probably looking for a little decompression from the intensity of politics.


Living in D.C. certainly has its fair share of pros and cons. Outside of being known for the obvious, the area surrounding the U.S. capital often gets little recognition for how cool it really is. If you're currently living in the Chesapeake Bay region (Baltimore, D.C., even our friends up in Philly), take a break from the National Mall and Smithsonian, and say hello to the nearby natural sights that help make this country great. 


Calvert Cliffs State Park is an hour and a half drive from D.C. The freshwater, tidal marshland of Calvert Cliffs features 13 miles of hiking trails, FOSSIL HUNTING (Jurassic World-themed 4th of July, anyone?), a sandy beach, and massive cliff views. Follow the Red Trail and meander through some colonial era-level flora and fauna. The Red Trail combines a series of boardwalks through wetland and forest. Spot a beaver weaving through the waterlogged trees as you make your way down the network of

boardwalks toward a sandy beach.The abundance of water and make the 1.8 Red Trail an ideal path for anyone sporting an iSUP. Paddleboards, like our Weekender, are welcomed onto the beach (so are dogs!). You can explore the coast by way of the water, taking in the jagged cliffs and dense forest views this year.


Head east between Baltimore and D.C. to find Sandy Point State Park. Sandy Point doesn't see a lot of wave action, which makes it great for beginner paddle boarders just getting started. Views consist of the sparkling water, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, sandy beaches, and rocky peninsulas. Sandy Point is a quick hour drive from both Baltimore and Washington, D.C., but don't forget to bring a few bucks, it's $2 to launch your board here on busy days.


The next thing we're about to say is a game changer: Wild. Horses. Assateague Island is a bit of a drive outside of the major metropolitan areas in this region, however the views are well worth it. While it isn't on the Chesapeake Bay, Assateague Island is about a 3-3.5 hour drive from D.C. and Baltimore. The views consist of Chincoteauge Bay and the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Wild horses can often be spotted ashore. Imagine paddling on open water while wild horses run alongside on the beach. 

What's not to love? Start mapping out your weekend and get paddling!


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