Retrospec is captivated by nature, inspired by our planet, and consumed by a fierce loyalty to preserve its beauty. Our core mission is simple: create products that ignite that same passion for the fresh air, and encourage the lung burning, chest pounding euphoria that can only be found outside.

Retrospec was born from a passion for cycling. Our fixed gear bicycles became a symbol for our commitment to the outdoors and pledge to affordable and green methods of transportation. Since then, we’ve created hundreds of products that help you achieve one goal: taking hold of the outdoors. We have proudly created a space where our mission can flourish, achieve, and conquer the unknown.

At Retrospec, our ethics are rooted in the earth. We are passionate advocates for more responsible and vigilant efforts to improve the health of our planet. Fueled by a small but mighty team of innovators, we thoughtfully design and develop superior, yet affordable products for life apart from the 9-5. But value is merely a byproduct of our integrity, not the standard by which we measure success. Our products reflect the utility, minimalism, and core devotion to the outdoors we are built upon. Everything we create is designed and tested in beautiful California to ensure it’s ready for your next journey.

Our core principles are exemplified by a challenge to push life outside of comfort zones, and our success is simply a reflection of your empowerment to do the same. Choosing the road less traveled is rarely easy, but always worth it.

In September of 2018, Retrospec returned to its heritage brand and absorbed Critical Cycles, Ten Toes Boards, and Traverse. The company, team, mission, and our evolving collections remain but are consolidated through a desire to provide a more cohesive shopping experience for our customers and simultaneously encourage more ways to get outside.

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