It’s time to build one of the loveliest friends you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Here are a few simple instructions on how to put together your mostly put-together Critical Cycles beach cruiser.

Here's a downloadable PDF with pictures!


What you need: Included Wrench

Ride Freewheel or Fixed

1 – Loosen the bolt on the rear tire facing behind the bike to the back.

2 – Loosen and remove the bolts and washers on both sides of the tire.

3 – Pull the tire towards the frame of the bike and slip the chain off the cog.

4 – Wiggle the tire out, remove the chain from the tire completely, and take the tire out of the frame.

5 – Flip the tire around and place it back into the frame.

6 –  Replace the chain on the cogs.

7 –  Replace the metal bracket that was facing behind the bike.

8 –  Replace the washers and bolts on both sides of the tire and begin tightening, alternating between sides to ensure evenness.

9 –  Pull the tire back slightly so the chain is taut.

10 –  Tighten the bolt against the bracket facing behind the bike.