Custom Bikes

Custom Bikes

Whether you're hitting the trails on a bike or gliding across the water on a paddle board, our program allows you to create unique, branded gear that reflects your companies style.

Production Timeline

  • Design

    7-14 Days

  • Confirm Order & Pay

    7-14 Days

  • Factory Production

    60 Days

  • Ocean Transit

    30 Days

  • Ground Transit

    3-7 Days


Harper Fixie Bike

Summer Water

Chatham ST Beach Cruiser

Kona Brewing

Chatham SS Beach Cruiser

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Model Name


Charter Rental Fleet Bike

Boardwalk Bikes

Chatham SS Beach Cruiser

21K+ 5-star reviews (and counting!)

Very nice quality. No assembly issues. Gears shift perfectly. Brakes required only fine tuning. Arrived undamaged. Quick shipment. Delightful to ride.

Christoper S.Verified Customer

I choose retrospec bikes for the quality of the bikes for the money. Other brands offer the same specs on bikes for hundred of dollars more with the exact same componentry. They also keep good stock of bicycles throughout the year

Dan SchwanderlikVerified Customer

The bike rides like a dream and is so comfortable. I love the rack and fenders and I love being able to pedal with help from the bike and use the throttle when I get tired.

ElisaVerified Customer

Initially drawn by their prices, I soon realized their quality hits WAY above their weight class

Thom BattyVerified Customer

The bike has a smooth ride.The black bike with tan handles and seat looks very pretty. I have received a lot of compliments

Regina W.Verified Customer

We are proud to have retrospec on the showroom floor. The new line and models of E-Bikes is becoming quite an eye catcher...

Tom SommerVerified Customer

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I buy custom bikes in bulk?

    Yes! Our minimum order quantity for customized bikes is 100 bikes per frame size. If you’re ordering multiple color schemes, the minimum is 50 per color.

  • Can I buy a custom bike for my business?

    Yes, and you can design bikes for your business however you’d like! You can fine-tune everything from color to logos, graphics, frames, handlebars, gears, and more to best match your company’s style, aesthetic, and goals.

  • How much do custom bicycles cost?

    It depends on the bike model you are interested in, the customization choices you make, and the quantity you order. Please fill out the form above so we can provide you with an accurate quote!

  • What customization options are available for bicycles?

    You can customize almost everything about your bikes! You can mix and match color of the frame, fork, tires, saddles, and grips, as well as adding original logos or graphics to most places on the bike. The possibilities are wide open. Reach out in the form above with your creative goals! 

  • Can we create bicycles with our company logo and branding?

    Yes absolutely! We can design bikes emblazoned with your company’s logo, messaging, and any other branding placements, as well as endless color schemes!

  • Can we request a free quote?

    Of course. Please fill out the form above and we will provide you with a free quote. Keep in mind that pricing depends on many factors, including quantity, customization choices, and the bike model you choose, so be as specific as possible to receive an accurate quote.

  • Do you send mockups?

    Yes! Once we receive your design direction we will provide you with a mockup of your custom bike for your review and approval.

  • Can you help us design bicycles for our company?

    Yes! Even if you aren’t sure what sort of design you like, if you let us know your goals, budget, and provide information about your brand’s voice and messaging, our talented in-house design team will be happy to help you design custom bikes to fit your needs.

  • What bikes are right for my company?

    This depends on the goal for your custom bikes. Brands near the beach tend to opt for our beach cruiser models. Urban brands and delivery companies often appreciate our city bikes. If you provide us with some info in the form above, we can give you better advice on the best starter model for your brand!

  • What is the minimum order quantity for custom bicycle purchases?

    The minimum order quantity for custom bikes is 100 bikes per frame size. If your order contains bikes of different color schemes and designs, there is also a minimum of 50 per color.

  • What is the lead time for custom bicycle orders?

    Lead time varies for custom bicycle orders. On the low end expect around three months total from the moment you start designing to the moment your bikes arrive. On the long end, expect five months. The design process takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks, as does the approval and payment process, and then factory production takes ~60 days. From here, you can expect around one month for shipping.  

  • Do you offer discounts for bulk orders or corporate bike programs?

    Yes, we offer special pricing depending on the level of customization and the size of the order. Submit a form with your specific goals and we’ll work with you on pricing that suits your needs.

  • What are the benefits of providing bicycles to employees?

    Even if your company isn’t based around transport or delivery, providing bicycles to employees promotes health, wellness, and productivity, while reducing commute costs and environmental impact. Companies benefit from attracting talent, enhancing their image, and boosting employee morale, among other factors.

  • Do you offer bicycle maintenance and repair services for corporate fleets?

    We do not have an in-house maintenance or repair team at Retrospec. However, our dealer network is diverse and expansive, so as you go through the order process, we will do our best to connect you with a bicycle repair shop in your area that will be able to maintain and repair your fleet as needed.

  • Can you ship bicycles nationwide or internationally?

    Both! We can ship custom bike orders anywhere in the world. Just keep in mind that shipping cost and production timelines will vary based on your location.

  • Are there tax benefits to buying bikes for my company?

    Some companies may be able to use accelerated and/or bonus depreciation for a tax benefit on a new bike fleet, but we are not tax experts. It’s best to ask a tax law specialist for more information.

  • Can a bike be a business expense?

    Tax law varies based on country and state, but the U.S. Internal Revenue Service does not define a bicycle as a motor vehicle, so it is usually not a deductible business expense. Keep in mind that even if you are a business owner, your commute to work is not deductible business travel—whether you use a train, bike, car, or any other vehicle. 

    However, if you’re a delivery driver who specifically uses a bike for your job, you might be able to deduct the cost of the bike and related accessories like helmets and maintenance tools. All this said, we are not tax experts and this is not intended as tax advice. Ask a tax law specialist for more information about your specific situation.

  • How can we get started with a custom bicycle order for our business?

    Fill out the form above and our team will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and any design questions we may have!