Retrospec Teams Up with the Keep A Breast Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer touches everyone.

Retrospec is committed to spreading the word about prevention and early detection, so no adventure is ever out of reach.

This October, we are thrilled to partner with the Keep A Breast Foundation™ for the very first time. KAB is committed to empowering young people to know the effects and risks of breast cancer, and check, detect, and protect themselves with early screenings and awareness. Through Breast Cancer Prevention Month, Retrospec is proudly donating $25 of every sale on pink products to the Keep A Breast Foundation.

Keep A Breast began in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their creative efforts to raise awareness quickly caught the attention of the art, skateboarding, and music worlds with the mantra “Art. Education. Awareness. Action.” Founder Shaney Jo realized that despite the huge strides the organization was making, reaching teens and young adults was still posing an issue. KAB’s most notable efforts were born from this challenge. Innovative and interactive educational methods were used to spread awareness about self-checks and early detection. KAB gained attention for their “I Love Boobies” bracelets, encouraging young people to check themselves and spread awareness about the reality of breast cancer. Additionally, KAB’s Fit 4 Prevention’s movement is aimed at promoting healthy and active lifestyles as a means for reducing the risk of some cancers.


Retrospec is elated to be teaming up with such a revolutionary organization to further awareness and promote active, adventurous, creative, and most importantly healthy, longer lives.


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