Making Nature Second Nature

About Retrospec

The outside is for everyone, but not everyone feels comfortable outside. So we set out to make everyone feel at home in the open air through the use of expertly designed, durably crafted, accessibly priced gear. Our goal is simple: make nature second nature for everyone. We believe that all people, regardless of background or experience, should enjoy the life-affirming, eye-opening beauty of the outside world. We encourage a more active lifestyle and make being outdoors fun and inviting for people of any age, ability, or skill level. 

Founder's Note

Ely here! I started Retrospec with a small batch of fixed-gear bikes and a big dream. Today, I’m amazed and so proud of the big little outdoor company we’ve built – from our team to our gear to, most importantly, our Retrospec community.

Way back when, I was studying Urban Planning in college, and I was fascinated by the concept of walkable cities that could support alternative (i.e., non-car) methods of transportation. At the time, I was looking for an affordable bike that I loved and could get around campus with, but it was difficult to find a bike that checked all the boxes… 

Thus, in 2009, Retrospec was born! I was so excited to offer beautiful, functional bicycles that gave students like me a simple way to get around, regardless of riding experience or budget. 

A few years and millions of happy customers later, we’re proud to say that we’re fulfilling our mission of bringing the magic of the Great Outdoors to people everywhere. 

Whether you’re into cycling, paddling, skating, hiking, snow sports, walking, picnicking, or just being outside and getting some fresh air, we’re stoked to have you along for the ride – we can tell you’re a natural.

Stay Adventurous, 


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On a Mission to 

Spread Adventure

Since selling our first bike, we've added hundreds of new products designed to get more people outside affordably. We make gear for everyone – from the avid adventurer to those who are just a little bike-curious – and for every age, ability, and skill level. 

From the physical design of our products, to the range of adventures our gear is made for, to (of course) the value, accessibility is at the forefront of every decision we make. We want our gear to build more love for nature and get more people outside.

Our Team

We’re a tight-knit team who loves to GSD! (IYKYK.) We believe that great work comes from great collaboration, which is why our office motto is, “teamwork makes the dream work.” 

We have two California-based offices in Perris and Culver City, where we make adventures happen every day – we design, test, and bring our products to life at our in-house Adventure Lab. We take our time to create our gear thoughtfully, and in the end, each of our finished products is expertly designed, durably crafted, and accessibly priced – just how we like it. 

When we're not geeking out on new designs for outside essentials, you can usually find us sporting Retrospec gear under the California sun. 

The Retrospec Pledge

Invite everyone, regardless of experience

Focus on having fun, not being first

Be nice. It's that simple

Keep spirits high, even if energy is low

Leave judgment at the doorstep

Born in California, 

Made for Everywhere

We’re proudly a California-based company, but our reach extends well beyond the Golden State. We ship gear everywhere in the continental US and have a nationwide network of local dealers who are excited to offer you the opportunity to see, touch, and buy our gear in-store.

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