The Best Single Speed Bike for Urban Commuting

Looking to get out of your car and to into some good exercise? A trusty single speed bike may be just what you are looking for. The market is full of bikes for all sorts of purposes, so if you’re wondering what would be the best single speed bike for urban commuting, let Critical Cycles help you select the perfect bike for you.


For day-to-day urban commuting it is a good idea to go for a simple bike. You will want to have something light and responsive, so you can ride comfortably in urban environments, mind traffic, walk your bike through buildings, and carry the bike around when you need to.  A simple bike design has fewer moving parts to worry about and to perform maintenance on, so you can go about your day without laboring over the intricate functioning of shifters and double or triple-chainring cranksets. With a simple bike, you can just grab it and go. For the best option, look at a fixed gear or city bikes.

Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Single-Speed BikeCritical Cycles Single-Speed Diamond Frame City Bike


The best single speed bike has a durable frame and is composed of quality components. You want your bike to last for a long time and hold up under the wear and tear of daily urban riding. You should seek out sturdy wheels and tough tires that are built to take on potholes and rough asphalt. In the hustle of an urban environment, it is good to have a reliable, durable bike that can navigate any obstacles you come across.

Critical Cycles City Bike Wheel


You could sink a lot of money into a high-performance road bike or mountain bike if you have a specific aim in mind, but for daily urban commuting, it is better to spend a modest amount on a simple, workhorse bike. The best single speed bike won’t exhaust your savings and will provide years and years of trustworthy transportation.

Critical Cycles Has a Bike for You

When it comes to simplicity, durability, and affordability our fixed gear bikes and single speed city bikes are among the best bikes available on the market for urban commuters. Our bikes are built with quality components for urban environments, so you can rely on your bike for years of commuting. We offer a wide selection of eye-catching colors for the most expressive ride. Our bikes ship straight to you, ready to be assembled, so you can get right on the road. Shop for the perfect urban commuter bike from Critical Cycles.

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