Posted on by Jesse Vargas

Curious about the differences between various seven-speed city bikes available? Search no further. We’ve compiled a handful of the similarities and differences between the Public Bikes CityBike V7 and our City Bikes.

Critical Cycles Diamond Frame Seven-Speed City Bike

The Similarities 
From the KMC chain to the Shimano Revo Grip Shifter, these bikes share some impressive qualities. Both the Critical Cycles and Public Bikes 7-speeds feature Kenda Kwest high-performance tires, a durable steel frame, dependable alloy brakes, and ergonomic handlebars. Both are available in an array of colors and sizes and both are extremely lightweight. In fact, either option will prove to be a dependable bike for any serious rider.

But of course, there are a few small, but important, differences to take note of.

The Distinctions
When it comes to accessories, the Critical Cycles 7-speed has the upper hand. The Critical model comes equipped with a free light rack and bell, neither of which are included with the Public Bikes 7-speed. Public Bikes does carry these accessories, but they are sold separately, and they don't come cheap. Additionally, the Critical model is available in a much wider array of color combinations. In fact, Critical Cycles & Retrospec have a plenty of options to choose from.

The most notable difference, though, has nothing to do with accessories or color choices. Rather, it’s the price point. The Critical Cycles bike comes with more and still costs substantially less than its competitors. We manufacture all of our bikes and sell them directly to the customer. By doing this, we cut out the middleman and avoid any retail mark up costs. We can offer you manufacturer-direct prices, while Public Bikes has to incorporate industry wide retail mark-ups into their pricing. We also offer free shipping within the continental United States, which is not something Public Bikes does. We offer the seven-speed city bike of your dreams complete for a price of $299. Get riding now.