Posted on by Keelin Burke

It's week three of National Bike Month! We hope you've been taking advantage of the spring weather and hitting the trails/lakes/streets...something get the point.

ANYWAY, This week we're featuring the almighty beach cruiser! The beach cruiser's classic style has been around for decades, but just how long exactly? Interestingly, there is some murkiness surrounding the origins of this bike. Two competing theories swirl the interwebs regarding the beginnings of such a timeless bike. Sit back and relax before we introduce our very own cruiser - we're diving into a bit of history first *cue groans.*


Two Stories, One Bike

One alleged theory begins in New York City. Worksman Cycles was established in 1898 by Morris Worksman with the intention to "bring a more efficient, reliable, and healthful transportation to modern industry." In New York City at the turn of the century, streets were dominated by horse drawn carriages. Worksman introduced an alternative method for working-class Americans to navigate throughout the city with his heavy-duty bicycles and tricycles. His work wasn't limited to the classic models, Worksman cycles could be seen throughout the city as pushcarts, street vendors, and ice cream men. Eventually, brands like Schwinn and Huffy are said to have emulated the cruiser style and sold it for much cheaper in big-name department stores. 

On the other hand, rumor has it that Schwinn was, in fact, the original company to design and manufacture this style of bike. In this story, the beach cruiser saw its beginnings in 1933 through the Schwinn B-10E Motorbike. Despite its name, the B-10E didn't have a motor at all. Instead, the frame gave the impression of having a motor with a faux gas tank, but functioned just as a regular bike. Eventually, Schwinn changed the name to Aero Cycle, and while it lacked any major distinguishable differences between the B-10E, its new name (and batter-powered light) came to define the beach cruiser look for years to come. 

Regardless of the true origins of this classic style, beach cruisers hit their peak of popularity postwar and up through the 1950s. Their heavy frames, wide tires, and durable builds made them ideal for couriers and paperboys. 


Chatham Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers of today still maintain their indestructible builds. Critical Cycles' Chatham Beach Cruiser is designed with the same level of strength and durability as its 20th century predecessors. Chatham comes in three different speeds, a ton of colors, and two style frames. Cruise down streets and effortlessly climb over grassy beach knolls without breaking a sweat. Each frame is hand-built out of steel for ultimate reliability and incredible shock absorption. The height of the handlebars encourage an upright riding position, relieving your back of unnecessary pressure. The step-thru frame provides an ideal riding situation for any outfit. Easily hop on and off the bike without missing a beat.

On the multi-speeds, a Shimano derailleur and RevoShift grip shifter provides a precise, hardwearing, and lasting ride. Choose from a classic coaster brake or responsive Promax alloy V-brakes. Both offer exceptional control of your ride and precise safety when you need to stop.

Chatham Beach Cruiser 1-Speed Step-Thru - $179.99

Colors - Ruby Red, Eggshell, Peach, Sky Blue & Whitewall, Seafoam, Sand, Coral, Blush Pink, Sky Blue

Sizes: One Size (recommended height range: 5'-6'4)


Chatham Beach Cruiser 3-Speed Step-Thru - $239.99


Colors - Eggshell, Coral, White & Orchid

Sizes: One Size (recommended height range - 5'6'4)


Chatham Beach Cruiser 7-Speed Step-Thru - $219.99

Colors - Seafoam, Sand, White & Orchid, Sky Blue

Sizes: One Size (recommended height range - 5'-6'4)


Chatham Beach Cruiser 1-Speed - $179.99

Colors - Graphite & Beige, Graphite & Orange, Matte Black, Military Green, Pacific Blue

Sizes: One Size (recommended height range - 5'-6'4)


Chatham Beach Cruiser 3-Speed - $249.99

Colors - Military Green, Matte Black & White, Graphite & Orange, Matte Black

Sizes: One Size (recommended height range - 5'-6'4)


Chatham Beach Cruiser 7-Speed - $219.99

Colors - Matte Black & White, Graphite & Orange, Military Green, Matte Black, Matte Black & Silver

Sizes: One Size (recommended height range - 5'-6'4)


Beach cruisers are timeless for a reason. Durability, ease of ride, comfort, and their adaptability make them ideal for more than just the beach. Depending on which history you believe, the cruiser has an over 100 year history on the road - how's that for dependable?